Buying Real Estate in Rocky Point:

It Doesn’t Get Easier than This.

With a bustling real estate market, breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez and luxury living at its finest, Rocky Point is the thriving beach resort calling you to make it home.

Before you do, you need to find the right real estate agent, one who knows the business of real estate and understands both the area and the market in Rocky Point. At Rocky Point Best Real Estate, Kenneth Wallace has all the current listings for beachfront homes and condos you need.

Perfect Investment/Perfect Home

Inexpensive living is just one of the allures of life in Rocky Point. Incomes stretch farther here. With food, gas and living expenses quite affordable, Rocky Point has become the choice of many retirees and ex-pats who want a simpler life along one of Mexico’s most beautiful coastal areas. It has also become a favorite for investors looking for a commercial property or a vacation property to let.

Touted by expat sites as one of the “Best Places to Live in Mexico,” Rocky Point is just across the U.S. border along the gentle, pristine shore of the Sea of Cortez. Filled with modern amenities and over 300 days of sunshine, Rocky Point offers an extraordinary lifestyle for all those looking for a new place to land.

A vast number of listings are available in this charming coastal community, and as the area continues to see growth, the opportunities for investment in Rocky Point real estate have not been better. As the city poises itself to become a choice tourist destination, the time to buy that perfect beachfront condo or home is now.

The Ease of Living and Buying in Rocky Point

Buying in Rocky Point provides an ease of living now punctuated by the driving economic force of a growing tourist trade. Although Spanish is still most commonly spoken, many natives speak English, making business and transactions more seamless than ever before.

When you have a successful, seasoned real estate pro like Kenneth Wallace to guide you through, the process becomes simple. The beauty of buying in Rocky Point is that Americans can do so without a Mexican partner. If you’re looking to buy beachfront or commercial property within 100 km of the border or within 50 km of shore, the title is held in a Mexican Bank trust called a “Fideicomiso.” Foreigners interested in real estate within the interior of the country can hold the title directly.

Additionally, you do not need a Resident’s Visa to purchase property. You will need a Tourist Visa, which can be issued upon request at any port of entry.

Why Buy in Rocky Point?

Why choose Rocky Point for your perfect home? The reasons are endless:

  • Real estate is reasonable, and it’s a great investment because it’s going up.
  • Cost of living won’t break the bank.
  • The government is stable; the economy is healthy.
  • The out-of-doors beckons with swimming, biking, hiking, snorkeling, parasailing…you get the idea.
  • Convenient access to modern amenities such as fast food, fine dining, etc. abound.
  • Seafood!
  • Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.

Give Kenny Wallace at Rocky Point Best Real Estate a call today for all the current listings. He’ll have you enjoying the sun and sand in no time. He’ll have you relaxing into the best investment you’ve made.

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